Behavioral Finance Fundamentals (CF)

Behavioral finance is the study of the influence of psychology on the behavior of financial practitioners.

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) on-demand courses are designed for finance professionals and industry practitioners who want to master the art of corporate finance and supporting skillsets. 

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On completion of the CFI courses, CFI will issue a certificate as supporting documentation for CPD audit purposes.

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In the course, participants learn about the wide range of decision-making biases and information processing errors that influence our financial decision making.

Anyone wishing to understand behavioural finance.

Participants will develop a stronger understanding of behavioral finance through three modules:

Module 1 - Decision Making Biases and Errors

  •  Overview of decision-making biases and errors
  • Reflective versus reflexive decision making
  • The impact of overconfidence and optimism on decision making

Module 2 - Information Processing Errors

  •  Self-attribution and hindsight biases
  • Confirmation and representative biases
  • Guarding against the narrative fallacy

Module 3 - How Decisions are Impacted by Others

  •  Anchoring bias
  • Loss aversion
  • Herding versus independent thinking
5/7/2021 - 3/31/2022
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