Learn Faster and Remember Longer (OC)

Learning fast and retaining new learning effectively is crucial today. Our “new normal” is uncertainty and fast adaption to change.   This live virtual session will be delivered as a two-segment session. (Oct. 27 & 28,  7:30 am - 11:00 am each day).

Our clever brains are easily bored and distracted. We need short, concentrated learning sessions which start by working to understand the big picture first, then let the details illustrate the key points. 

Your attention needs to be focused on how the information interacts with what you already know. Using questions and the answers they generate help embed your new learning. Your long-term memory has an infinite capacity and is a wonderful resource for you so long as you understand that it works on a reminder and re-creation process. 

Managers and professionals with a heavy workload and a busy life. It is particularly useful for people about to add a course of study to their workload. Or for those who have found that their memory is not as dependable as it used to be. It will help you learn quickly and work more effectively with your fantastic memory.

Participants will learn how to:

  • read faster and Mind Map notes,
  • keep facts, dates, numbers, and details at your fingertips,
  • see mistakes as opportunities to boost creativity & problem solving,
  • manage spaced repetition to consolidate your learning,
  • adapt the Mind Map technique to boost your productivity,
  • take a more effective approach to multitasking,
  • use 9 ways to reduce forgetting,
  • listen with your brain in mind, and
  • shift your focus from being good to getting better.


10/27/2021 7:30 AM - 10/28/2021 11:00 AM
Canada Central Standard Time
Online Course
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