Seven Steps to Successful Virtual Teamwork (OC)

Learn the best practices of managing virtual/remote teams effectively and apply them immediately in the workplace. This live virtual session will be delivered as a two-segment session (Feb 1 & 2, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm each day).

We face a daunting challenge as leaders and managers.  Globalisation, advances in telecommunications and networking technologies, the move towards greener and cleaner organisations, the increasing emphasis on flexible working and work/life balance, and the fragile economic climate, are forcing us to consider innovative ways of managing our impact in our workplaces.  One trend emerging in response to this challenge is an increase in the prevalence of a ‘distributed workforce’ in the form of virtual teams, working in remote settings.  Manifestations of this trend include working from home, in dispersed offices, hot-desking in different offices or regions, and working in different countries and continents.  This shift creates challenges in the way we work, manage, and assess performance.  You will learn, through the Virtual Team Excellence model, best practices on how to manage virtual/remote teams effectively and apply them immediately in the workplace.

Anyone managing a virtual/remote team. 

After completing this session, participants will be able to:

  • appreciate the core elements that make virtual teams successful,
  • apply best practice in leading, managing and evaluating individual team members and virtual team performance,
  • use knowledge of cross-cultural awareness to improve virtual team operations,
  • build trust by maintaining commitment and portraying the virtual team’s work to management,
  • use effective communication when managing at a distance to coordinate and facilitate the accomplishment of tasks,
  • foster the behaviors of high-performing virtual teams, and
  • select the appropriate technologies to support collaborative teamwork

Delivered in an on-line environment demonstrating a wide range of the virtual tools discussed, this course offers the opportunity for participants to understand and develop:

  • Managing and leading virtual and remote teams and working environments
  • Virtual and remote team working capabilities – the Virtual Team Excellence model
  • Vision - strategic clarity
  • Involvement
  • Relationships
  • Technology
  • Understanding
  • Alignment
  • Let’s Go
  • Developing virtual and remote team performance criteria and how to manage achange from in-person to virtual performance management environments
  • Virtual team orientation assessment
  • Toolbox
  • Action planning


2/1/2022 8:30 AM - 2/2/2022 12:00 PM
Canada Central Standard Time
Online Course

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