Resilient Leadership: Balance Life, Work, Overwhelm (OC)

How is your work-life balance these days? This webinar will help you set up a routine that is productive, healthy, and sustainable.

How is your work-life balance these days? Whether you are working from home, back in the office or some combination, we are working harder than ever. Burnout is on the rise, and many people are needing a break and looking for fresh ways to balance the demands of incessant change and uncertainty with rest and rejuvenation.

How do you deal with work that never ends? If you wake up, grab your laptop and begin a 10, 12, 14-hour alternating cycle of flipping from laptop to kids, to laptop, to food, to laptop, until you pass out over the screen and start the pattern again, you are probably ready for a re-set!

This webinar will help you set up a routine that is productive, healthy and sustainable. We will get beyond “panic working” and look at tools to help you focus, energize, and allocate your time on the things that matter most. How do you spend enough time working and still take care of yourself, and spend time with your family? How do you stay present and find some joy and pleasure in these new times? How do you keep your sense of humour?  When you look back how do you want to remember these times?

This webinar will discuss what is working and what isn’t, and how to maintain daily habits that keep you productive and feeling good, whether you are at home or at the office. We’ll talk about what you need to do to get motivated, how to enhance your well-being, how to take breaks and manage virtual meetings and how to stay productive and satisfied when things keep changing.

Leaders and emerging leaders who want to create a workplace culture that can recover, re-build and support people to do their best work and create new opportunities for success and impact.

Participants will leave the course with the ability to:

  • carve a new path from Burn Out to Resilience,
  • gain insight into burnout as a leadership and cultural issue and what a leader can do to address the systemic issues,
  • identify patterns that are not sustainable and replace them with habits that build energy,
  • reduce stress of overwhelm and build presence, focus and daily productivity, and
  • find moments of joy, laughter, and lightness even in times of adversity.


  •  How To Know if You or Someone Else is Burned Out - Burnout Definition, Assessment and Common Symptoms
  • Leadership and Cultural Issues and How to Address Them
  • The Key Conversations Leaders Need to Have with Their Teams
  • The Power of Pause in an Urgent Time
  • How to Structure Your Day and Build Flexible Routines that Work
  • 5 Daily Habits that Build Energy and Focus
  • How to Be Present and Find Joy in the Moment
  • Ways to Keep Your Sense of Humour!


11/26/2021 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Canada Central Standard Time
Online Course

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