Designing An Investment Portfolio (OC)

A fast-paced session with informative and direct commentary on today’s investment landscape in Canada that will teach you a six step approach to investment portfolio management. This live virtual session will be delivered as a two-segment session. (Oct. 25 & 26, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm each day).

So many mutual funds, stocks, GICs, bonds and ETFs to buy. What is the best selection for an RRSP? A child’s RESP? A Tax-Free account?  Should your spouse buy what you buy? Should an investment adviser, portfolio manager or investment counsellor be hired to help you manage money or just a do-it-yourself approach? How is an investment portfolio constructed? How is the portfolio measured and evaluated over time? Are expected returns being achieved? What are my fees and are they fair? Am I paying too much income tax?  How does my portfolio match my financial plan and goals?  All of these questions and more will be answered. 

Kurt Rosentreter, one of Canada’s pre-eminent experts on wealth management and a national best-selling wealth management author, will lead you through a fast-paced session with informative and direct commentary on today’s investment landscape in Canada and teach you a six step approach to investment portfolio management. If you have an eye on investments or want to better understand what your investment advisor is doing don’t miss one of Kurt’s most popular and well-attended courses.

Individuals wanting a better understanding of how personal investing works so they can select investments in their employer group RRSP or to ask better questions of their financial advisor.

Professionals assisting non-for-profits to manage their investments and you are acting as a fiduciary.

Professionals wanting to be better prepared for investing questions asked by their clients in public practice.

Individuals who want to assist family members, perhaps elderly parents or children with their investments. 

This course is not designed for long time, experienced investors who have been trading their own portfolio for years and who employ advanced strategies using options, ETFs, hedge funds or other sophisticated products.  This is an introductory course for individuals looking to learn the basics in a very thorough way.  


  •  A six-step process to build and maintain a logical, cost effective, risk managed and tax smart investment portfolio for your RRSP, Tax Free account, children’s RESP or your mother’s money.
  • All about investment fees – commissions, loads, asset-based fees – which are best and which to avoid.
  • Pros and cons of mutual funds, GICs, stocks, bonds, wrap programs, ETFs, segregated funds, linked notes and all the products you see in the marketplace today.
  • Specialized investment strategies for kids, seniors, corporations, trusts and not-for-profits.
  • Designing ideal reporting with rate-of-return and benchmarks to allow you to properly judge results.
  • Explanations of how the financial services industry works in Canada, different types of registrations for advisors, insurance, how your money is protected, the structure of advisor practices and more.
  • A deep overall perspective on how the money management industry works so that you will be in a better position to get value for yourself.  Most of the content can be considered “core knowledge” that will benefit a lifetime of investing.  


10/25/2021 8:30 AM - 10/26/2021 12:00 PM
Canada Central Standard Time
Online Course

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