IFRS 15 - Revenue Recognition (VO)

IFRS 15 - Revenue Recognition (VO)
The course provides participants with an understanding of the new five-step revenue recognition framework under Part I – International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 15 and how to apply it.

Watch a qualified CPA instructor teaching the course and access a copy of the same course material that is provided to attendees of an in-person session. 
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The course will address disclosure requirements, transitional requirements, and key judgments in applying the standard.

Professional accountants who are responsible for revenue recognition oversight and the accounting and/or auditing thereof.

Participants will develop a strong understanding of:

  • The scope of IFRS 15, including transitional requirements
  • The 5-step model framework, including how to apply it
    • step 1: identify the contract with the customer
    • step 2: identify the performance obligations
    • step 3: determine the transaction price
    • step 4: allocate the transaction price
    • step 5: recognize revenue, including how and when
    • Disclosure and presentation requirements 
    • Other application guidance on various topics such as warranties, licences, capitalization of costs of obtaining and fulfilling a contract, contract modifications etc.
    • Conversion considerations, industries significantly impacted and current developments

Participants should pre-read IFRS 15, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, contained in the CPA Handbook – Accounting Part I.

Course Code VO2049
Passport Credit 4
Price $360
CPD Estimated Hours: Total - 7 Licensing- 7
Competency Financial Reporting
Course Level Intermediate
10/30/2020 - 3/31/2021
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