Management Accounting - Fundamentals (VO)

Some professional accountants may not have actively used management accounting principles in some time, and yet management accounting skillsets can be used to address many challenges in today’s business environment. This course provides a refresher on key management accounting concepts and tools and how to apply them in your organization.

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Common associations with management accounting include cost accounting, break even analysis and variance analysis. However, management accounting concepts include so much more such as organizational behavior and employee motivation. And at the center of all these concepts in management accounting is their application to creative problem solving.

This course will help participants apply management accounting concepts to generate new ideas for problem solving, including:

  • How to identify and classify costs for internal decision making
  • How to use cost behavior to help with budgeting and forecasting
  • How to more effectively communicate with non-financial managers (such as Sales, HR)
  • How to create incentives to align organizational strategy and employee motivations

Participants will work through problems, case studies and collaborate with their peers to discuss how they can use management accounting information and tools to help solve challenges within their organizations.


Professional accountants who are transitioning into a managerial accounting role (or responsibilities) and require a refresher of key management accounting concepts. 

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • recall management accounting topics and terminology.
  • classify different organizational costs by cost behaviour and cost function.
  • arrange and evaluate cost volume profit (CVP) and relevant costing problems.
  • design approaches to relevant costing problems that align with the knowledge of key users.
  • identify different types of performance measurement and budgeting tools, 
  • evaluate organizational strategy and key performance indicators (KPIs), 
  • interpret management accounting decisions for non-financial managers, and 
  • identify key trends in management accounting.
Course Code VO2056
Passport Credit 4
Price $360
CPD Estimated Hours: Total - 7
Competency Strategy and Governance, Performance and Risk Management
Course Level Introductory
11/25/2020 - 3/31/2021
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