Corporate Tax - Investment Holding Corps (VO)

The taxation of investment holding corporations have seen a number of significant changes over the past several years. This course will review these and other changes using a number of examples, as well as examine the issue that is now faced by many clients – should I keep or wind up my investment corporation?

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Using examples, the course will provide detailed coverage of the significant changes to the taxation of investment holding corporations and their impact, including a review of the passive income rules (which can impact the availability of the small business deduction of any associated corporations), the change in the RDTOH rules resulting in two pots of refundable tax, and the general increase in the tax rate for corporate investment income.  Planning considerations will also be addressed, including the advantages that may still be provided by using an investment holding corporation, and the implications for winding up or maintaining an existing investment holding corporation.

Practitioners with private company clients who have accumulated, or expect to accumulate over time, significant corporate owned non operating (ie passive type) assets and internal accountants for private companies, including those work for, or within, a family office.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • apply the passive income rules to client situations,
  • consider planning alternatives for the passive income rules,
  • determine when to use the eligible and non-eligible RDTOH balances,
  • analyze the implications for winding up or maintaining an investment holding corporation, and
  • know when to use an investment holding corporation (even with the recent tax changes).


  •  Advantages of an investment holding corporation – when to implement
  • Integration, tax rates, and related issues
  • Income splitting and estate freezes – possible with an investment holding corporation?
  • The passive income rules
  • RDTOH – eligible and non-eligible pots and dividends
  • Existing investment holding corporations – wind up or retain?
  • Post mortem planning – an overview of the issues that must be considered for any private company owner on death

A basic understanding of corporate taxation.


1/3/2022 - 3/25/2022
Video on Demand
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