Ethic at our Core (VO)

Develop your skills for dealing with ethical dilemmas and using appropriate decision making in your workplace workplaces. Explore the current environment of workplace ethics and assess the implications for ethical leadership.

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Adherence to the CPA Code of Professional Conduct goes beyond a professional obligation: it constitutes a source of pride, value, and competitive distinction. While stakeholders rely on an accountant’s judgment and guidance, ethical dilemmas can create challenges in determining ways in which to implement the best course of action. The seminar helps participants develop skills for dealing with ethical dilemmas and using appropriate decision making in their workplaces

The observance of ethics holds significant importance for CPAs, whose commitment to ethical conduct and protecting the public differentiate these professionals from other practitioners and cement their status as essential business leaders. The seminar will provide participants with an opportunity to refresh and update their knowledge of the CPA Code, thus enabling accounting professionals to build competence in interpreting and applying the code for resolving a variety of realistic situations. 

Participants will also explore the current environment of workplace ethics and assess the implications for ethical leadership. The seminar emphasizes collaboration and interactivity, as participants will engage with their peers in a variety of activities, including quizzes, comparative surveys, and case studies. 

CPAs at all levels of their career and in any type of organization across a wide range of industries and roles.

By the end of this course, participants will have improved their ability to:

  • apply research and critical thinking skills to analyze and resolve ethical challenges,
  • identify key ethics trends in the Canadian and global business environments and determine several significant implications for CPAs as business leaders,
  • use the CPA Code of Professional Conduct as a resource for decision-making, on par with other professional standards,
  • interpret and apply the CPA Code to resolve ethical issues when they arise,
  • apply professional judgment in determining the most appropriate action and defend their decisions, and
  • plan ways of enhancing their own organization’s ethical culture on an ongoing basis.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • an overview of the CPA Code of Professional Conduct across the country, with a more detailed explanation of the requirements in the specific jurisdiction,
  • workplace conduct, especially current trends and implications for leaders in areas such as workplace pressure, retaliation for reporting, use of whistleblowing systems, money laundering risks and obligations, and equity, diversity and inclusion,
  • a collaborative quiz that allows participants to work together in small groups to solve scenario-based, multiple-choice questions that require research and interpretation of the Code, and
    case studies that require participants to collaborate in small groups to analyze case scenarios using a decision-making framework
10/6/2021 - 3/25/2022
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