Income Tax - Advanced Planning Strategies (VO)

Develop your strong Canadian tax planning background and keep abreast of tax and estate planning issues. Learn to identify tax-planning opportunities with Canadian private corporations and for high net worth individuals.

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Like a tightrope walker demonstrating exquisite balance, income tax planning requires practitioners to help clients pay the lowest amount of tax while staying on the right side of the law and within the guidelines of the Income Tax Act (ITA).This practical in-depth seminar provides a comprehensive review of various anti-avoidance provisions designed to prevent or discourage aggressive tax planning through the presentation of factual scenarios that address objectives, statutory provisions, current case law, and risk analysis. The seminar will enable you to understand and identify the application of various anti-avoidance provisions in the ITA in practical tax planning scenarios.

The seminar is structured for practitioners with a strong Canadian tax planning background seeking to keep abreast of tax and estate planning issues. The seminar identifies tax-planning opportunities that are particularly relevant to practitioners working with Canadian private corporations and high net worth individuals. The seminar utilizes practical examples to present planning opportunities with respect to restructuring of asset profiles, the sale of a business, business succession and estate planning, as well as the use of partnerships and trusts.  The seminar will also provide a high-level review of anti-avoidance provisions frequently encountered in the context of these plans, primarily in the context of specific plans or examples.

Public practitioners specializing in Canadian tax planning and seeking to refine advanced tax and looking to enhance their tax, business succession and estate planning skills and industry practitioners working for Canadian private corporations.

Enrolling in this seminar will help you to hone valuable tax planning skills and be able to:

  • identify and analyze tax risks in a variety of tax and estate planning scenarios,
  • identify tax planning opportunities for individuals, corporations, trusts and partnerships, particularly within the private corporation sphere,
  • identify relationships between individuals, corporations, trusts and partnerships and analyze how those relationships affect the tax implications of various transactions, and
  • compare the tax impact of various structures available to achieve a client’s business or estate planning objectives.


  •  Managing tax avoidance risks, including the following:
    • General anti-avoidance rule 
    • Arm’s length relationships 
    • Tax on Split Income
    • Attribution provisions
    • Stop-loss provisions
    • Surplus stripping (Section 84.1) in factual non-arm’s length circumstances
    • Subsection 55(2)
  • Five categories of tax planning strategies: restructuring asset profiles, sale of business, use of partnerships, use of trusts and general tax planning for private corporations and their shareholders
  • Interprovincial planning 

Corporate Restructuring – Fundamentals and Corporate Restructuring – Section 85 Transfer of Property or equivalent working knowledge of provisions governing related party transactions (such as 56(4.1), 69(1), 74.1 and 74.2) corporation reorganization provisions (sections 51, 85, 86 and 87) and section 84.1 (with respect to related party transactions).

1/3/2022 - 3/25/2022
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