Review Engagements-Application of the Standard (VO)

Deepen your knowledge of the requirements of CSRE 2400 and benefit from practical advice on their application using extracts of the review engagement file for a fictitious entity.

Watch a qualified CPA instructor teaching the course and access a copy of the same course material that is provided to attendees of an in-person session. 

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Using extracts of a review engagement file for a fictitious entity, this training activity, which is aimed at an experienced clientele, allows the participants to deepen their knowledge of the requirements and to benefit from practical advice in order to properly apply them. 


CPAs in public practice


At the end of the training activity, the participant will be able to: 

  • consider practical advice to optimize the planning of the engagement,
  • identify areas in the financial statements where material misstatements are likely to arise,
  • develop strategies for key steps of the engagement and for specific sections, and
  • identify specific issues related to the implementation of the requirements.


  •  Preliminary considerations
    • Identifying areas in the financial statements where material misstatements are likely to arise
  • Planning
    • Understanding the entity and its environment
    • Materiality
    • Analytical procedures
  • Implementation and conclusion of the engagement
    • Work required (responsibilities)
    • Specific topics 


10/25/2021 - 3/25/2022
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