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  1. This directory provides a listing of CPA Saskatchewan members, however suspended and former members are excluded. If you cannot find a member in this directory or if you require additional assistance please email the Registrar.  
  2. The information in the directory reflects the most current information available.  CPA Saskatchewan does not represent, warrant, or guarantee the accuracy, reliability, accessibility, or completeness of the information in the directory.  The directory and its contents are the property of CPA Saskatchewan, and must not be used for any commercial, marketing, or fundraising purposes.
  3. A member of the public can inquire about a registrant's public record of discipline or restriction by contacting CPA Saskatchewan in writing.  Alternatively, public records of discipline decisions may be found here and restriction notices may be found here.

Licensing Information

Many of the members listed in this directory do not provide services to the public.

Only CPAs who are offering assurance or compilation engagement services to the public and authorizing the engagement report through a registered and licensed firm are required to hold a valid licence.

There are 3 types of licences available to CPAs:

  • Comprehensive (the CPA can perform all audits, reviews, other assurance services and compilation engagements),
  • Specified (the CPA can perform reviews, other assurance services and compilation engagements), and
  • Compilation (the CPA can perform compilation engagements and is not permitted for any assurance services).

For more information on the different types of licensure and services available under each type, please visit our website. If you wish to know more about licensing, please email CPA Licensing.

If you are looking to find a CPA firm near you, please visit Find a CPA Firm. If you are looking for a Candidate/Student, please email the Registrar.


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Status Definitions

  • Active means the member is in good standing with CPA Saskatchewan.
  • Conditional Member means a specific obligation of the member which is mutually agreed upon between the Institute and the member.
  • In Default means a registrant that has not complied with a requirement specified in a Rule or a notice.
  • Restricted Member means a limitation imposed by the Institute on the registration or licence of a member

Category Definitions

  • Primary Licensed means a primary member who is accountable to CPA Saskatchewan and provides assurance services and compilation engagements in Saskatchewan.
  • Affiliate Licensed means an affiliate member who has designated another provincial institute as their primary registration and provides assurance services and compilation engagements in Saskatchewan.

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